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Tours and movie capture in Marble.

During Google Code-In 2013 we have added in Marble support for KML Tours.

KML Tours panel.
“KML is an XML notation for expressing geographic annotation and visualization.”
“Touring enables controlled flights through geospatial data.”
KML Tours is a great feature. It's allowing you to do cool presentations. You can start it by some clicks and watch nice excursions with soundtracks (speaker speech for example or good music).
Movie recording dialog.
Tours can be easy combined with the video capture feature. You are starting video recording and tour playback and after some time receive video as result. You can use it everywhere - in conferences, presentations, at work and at home. It's very cool!
There is some missing moments now. We can do only basic modifications of tours. We don't have good support for playback tours yet. (But we have some patches for that, they needs testing). Also we need support for converting KML tours to movies without recording screen (how it could be done now). I want to say that the Tour stuff is still very much in the early stages, but it have very good potential and I'm happy that I helped with improving it. While doing these tasks I learnt about Qt MVC system, C++ casts (static, dynamic) and many others things. It's was very interesting and helpful for me. I got very good experience with Marble dev team. They are very good and friendly people. They always helped me if I had any problems. I want to say special thanks to Dennis Nienhüser which helped me with getting KDE developer account and to Torsten Rahn which was helping me with any questions.  Find your way and explore the world!

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